Longmont Auto Hail Damage Repair

We offer Hassle-Free Auto Hail Repair for Longmont, CO and surrounding areas. Our northern Colorado Auto Hail Repair facilities offer expert Auto Hail Repair for all vehicles damaged in Longmont or the surrounding Northern Colorado communities. We also work with most insurance companies.

Avoid Dealerships & Body Shops For Auto Hail Repair

When hail storms hit the Northern Colorado, the big decision vehicle owners have to make is who to use for their repair. Most people immediately think of taking their vehicle to a local body shop or dealership. Although this is an option for your auto hail damage repair needs, it is not the best choice. Local dealerships and body shops do not have Paintless Dent Repair technicians and have to subcontract out any Paintless Dent Repair items on your vehicle to an external dent repair company. Do you really want to deal with the middle man when it comes to your hail damage repair? Since local dealerships and body shops do not have PDR technicians, they choose extreme repair methods to help control cost. We constantly see panels being replaced, filled with body filler and painted that our Paintless Dent Repair technicians could of repaired beautifully in a matter of hours. We have PDR technicians and choose PDR 1st and replace/paint 2nd. If you want to keep your vehicle as original as possible, do not choose traditional body shops or dealerships for your hail repair needs. If you do you will have extended repair times and receive extreme repair methods on panels that a specialty Auto Hail Repair shop like us could of repaired in a matter of hours. We treat every vehicle at our shop like it is our personal vehicle, and make repair decisions based on that. Our shop is small but our results are industry leading. Before you take your hail damaged vehicle to a generalist, give us a call to get your vehicle in the hands of an expert auto hail repair shop.