Hail Damage Repair Niwot

How Much Damage Can Hail Storms Cause? According to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration of the United States, hail is reported to cause damage worth over $1 billion to both crops and property.

Can Hail Damage On A Car Be Repaired? People do not usually take this into consideration when they think about what could possibly damage their cars. Especially when they travel and leave their cars parked out in the open. Every year, hail reports are reported in Northern Colorado. Each year there are thousands of hail storms that could literally destroy your car.

Is it possible to take all of the hail dents out of a car? After a hail storm rolled through your area, the light hail will leave smaller dents than if there is heavy hail. There may be many more dents than you realize. Our specialists will examine your car under special lights that will show all of the dents, not just the ones you can see without the lights. Your insurance will usually cover all the dents, even the really small ones.